Right Brain

Recently, I had a great afternoon completing the many questionnaires available on-line to test your right/left brain dominance, intelligence and learning skills. A quiz for every possible human attribute is now available – even one to recommend the “right” pet. Apparently, I should adopt a monkey!! Sometimes things are just for fun!!  

On the more serious side, I confirmed what I already knew: I am almost evenly right/left brain. This allows me to talk and draw at the same time – essential to a good teacher! Intelligence? Well, I hope that’s obvious!!  

Many of you either saw the movie or read, The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. In the book, the author makes Leonardo da Vinci’s mirror writing seem amazing. In those days, creative people did not have computers secured by passwords, so they often wrote their notes in code so no one could steal their ideas. If you are left-handed – you can mirror write.  I have enough left-handed ability to mirror write – it’s a gift!! 

In completing some questionnaires, I found out I learn kinetically – that means you can explain something to me verbally, you can demonstrate a technique in front of me, or give me diagrams and written words, but I will not “get it” until you let me do it myself. My hands must touch and feel the paint brush touching the paper, I need to smell the wetness, pick up the paint tubes and mix the colors with my own two hands.  

Never to late to learn something new about yourself!! Now I understand some of my frustration in school and art workshops!!  

The classic instruction book for teaching anyone to draw is:  

this is still my favorite of all time


I remember working my way through most of this book, and being so determined to finish, I spent my holidays completing the last exercises and enjoying my new skills! Even if you only wish to think more creatively – this book will help you immensely.  

As Mark Kistler often reminds people – everything people create starts with a drawing. Your home, your shoes, your car and even your toothbrush. Even with the amazing computer programs available – gaming and animation artists usually start the process with paper and pencil.  

Being an artist allows me to show other people the visions I see in my imagination. There is no other way of doing this – at this moment – but who knows what will be created in the future??  

Dreamhunter (2005) and Dreamquake (2007) by New Zealand writer, Elizabeth Knox, explore the idea of being able to share dreams. Although, not at the top of my recommended book list – these two books did inspire me to think, and I love to think new things!!


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