At our home, we celebrate Thanksgiving twice – once on the traditional American day, marking the start of the holiday season, and once on the Canadian Day (early October) which is closer to harvest time here.

This Norman Rockwell painting shows the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner!


– and here is Disney’s rendition of the same idea.

(I do wonder about Donald Duck eating turkey – isn’t that almost cannibalism??)

“AHHH,” says the turkey,” LOOK LOOK LOOK!! We have fish for dinner!!”

 Here is one of my favorite decorations for Thanksgiving. I hope Norman Rockwell did not think these guys just ate turkey dinner!!

Some of my decorations were purchased in Hawaii where I celebrated a wonderful Thanksgiving with dinner from one of the most wonderful chefs in the world.  You can check his specials, read the menu and find more information about this master here –

I remember Gerard was somewhat puzzled because everyone ordered the turkey dinner that evening. He expected a few patrons to want something different – but even the visitors from other countries decided to enjoy his traditional dinner. One of the best dinners I have ever had – that I did not cook myself!! lol


Gerard’s is located at the front of the Plantation Inn, Lahaina, Maui.

(and YES – this is MY photo of the Inn)


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