People seem to think old people have learned some things about life. I am not sure that it true, but sometimes I seem to say the right thing that helps someone.

If you learn anything at all from me, THINK for yourself. I make mistakes. Everyone does. People mix things up and give out the wrong information even with the best intentions. THINK. ASK QUESTIONS (politely if possible – like ask the teacher after everyone else has left the room) and RESEARCH your own information when possible.

Look at your sources of information. When my children were playing on a sports circuit, my husband and I helped with the events. We personally wrote down the winners and took the piece of paper directly to the newspaper. Even then, the paper would print mistakes, people winning races in the wrong town or even the wrong winner!!

you dont think


One of the funniest things I see these days is the answer sites. Ignorant people ask questions and other people answer them without showing where they got the information from. One of my favorites is – someone asked can you freeze bean salad? There were a lot of comments in reply discussing the matter. In the end someone suggested the person asking the question should try it and let everyone know whether freezing bean salad worked.


This is a true story from real life –

Woman is in her lawyer’s office to see about getting a divorce.

Woman: my hairdresser said I could get the house and the bank accounts.

Lawyer: The law is you split things 50/50 – and goes on to suggest a reasonable settlement and the costs of going to court if no agreement can be reached.

Woman listens attentively to her lawyer’s advice and then says –

Woman: But my hairdresser said ——–

Have to wonder why the woman went to her lawyer at all!! lol


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