Are you bored? People wait so impatiently for weekends and holidays, and then find themselves wondering what to do!

I am seldom bored except when I get trapped waiting somewhere and forget to bring a book to read, or there is no one to chat with. I have met some amazing people in line-ups. They are usually bored too!

Every morning, I look at the list of things I still want to do, and then decide: what is the most important thing I want to accomplish today? I make sure I get that one thing done.

The list of what I still hope to finish in my lifetime means I need to live about another 200 years!!

Of course, I cannot miss an opportunity to remind you to read my books! Inside a Wish is available on for download. On August 1st, Crisis Company will also be available. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Now that we have this introduction out-of-the-way – check out my sections on 15 minute ideas, and some suggestions on life time projects to plan and enjoy!

I welcome any ideas or comments. Let me know what you do when you are bored! You might just save someone else from sending endless tweets telling everyone how bored they are!!


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