15 minutes

You have about 15 minutes and NOTHING TO DO??


1. Try different hairstyles – there are lots of sites allowing you to use one of their photos or upload one of your own. You can try looking like the old JB or the new JB. Perhaps long hair with beads or the rainbow colors your parents refuse to let you have.

2. Make a new avatar for your favorite VW, IM or Twitter. Lots of possibilities.

You might even be inspired to design one of your own with a graphics program.

3. Surprise one of your parental units with offering to help them. You can earn lots of goodwill for the future when you need something from them – although I hope you do this just because it is a good thing to do!

I remember how tired I was when my children were growing up and I ran a business. Any help made me feel so much better. My kids and I almost always made dinner together. We chatted and laughed while we made something good to eat. Cooking was fun (usually) and not a drudgery.

4. Try a new VW. Most places offer a tour or video of what their world has to offer. As you get older, the worlds you enjoyed may start feeling childish and boring. Time to move on and explore something new. You might find one needing Beta testers, allowing you to be one of the first players to help develop that new world.

You can sign into your new account later when you feel bored and want something to do.

5. Cook something. It might just be some cinnamon toast or running mocha mix and ice through the blender but give it a try. Cooking is a life long necessity. People have to eat. Learning to cook well is a wonderful skill to have. I believe making someone their favorite food is one of the best ways to let them know you love them!

I worry about kids who live with people who do not even prepare dinner for them. If no one feeds you properly, how can you believe you are loved and wanted?

6. Read a book. YES!! I know. Granny is going to talk about books again. But now is a great time to download that app you need from amazon.com, or your favorite book seller, so you can read books on your PC, iphone, ipad or even your Kindle (or other book reader). There are lots of 99 cent books available including many classics. Check it out!

7. Clean up your room without being asked! Again, this will build up some good feelings with your parents, even if you don’t feel like doing the right thing!! Lol

8. Watch episodes of some awesome old shows. I mentioned Ren and Stimpy a while ago. They were so funny. But there are lots of animated and other shows posted on YouTube and other safe sites.

9. Call your Granny! I couldn’t resist adding this one. I always love it when one of my grandchildren call or send me an email! Make her day and give her a call!

10. Do something for your pet. Wash their food and water dishes. Brush and groom them. Clean out hamster cages. Walk the dog. Play with your cat. Most pets are thrilled when you spend special time with them.

11. Pray. Prayer can be very powerful in changing our own lives, and helping those in need. Every day we receive prayer requests in real life and over the Internet. Spend a few minutes of your time to talk to God. He is always home and available. He always answers our calls!

Let me know how you deal with being bored and I can add things to this list!


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