This is what I believe about being gay  –

If I wish to help someone, calling them evil, telling them God rejects them, and making them feel alienated and ashamed will not bring them closer to God or other people. God loves each and every one of us and is waiting to help us if we just ask.

This is the type of behavior that literally makes me sick. If Jesus was standing there, I believe he would be rebuking the protesters. Jesus always extended love when asking people to join Him. He never gloated over someone’s tragedy.

With all the controversy and posts on places like Twitter, and one of my buddies being brave enough to “come out”, I thought I should make my position very clear. Several members of my extended family are openly gay. I believe they are entitled to the same respect and love as anyone else in my family.


There is no simple answer to the question, ‘Are some people born lesbian or gay?’ There are some theories that stress biological differences between heterosexual and homosexual adults, suggesting that people are born with their sexuality already determined. 
Homosexuality is not a mental disorder and the APA (American Psychological Association) opposes all portrayals of lesbian, gay and bisexual people as mentally ill and in need of treatment due to their sexual orientation.
The American Psychological Association has carried out a systematic review, which not only concludes that psychological interventions are not effective at changing sexual orientation, but they can also cause significant harm. 
Current studies show exactly what I thought. Being gay is who you are – it may be influenced by many factors just like anything else about us, but it is just a fact. It is very difficult to be gay in our society. There are still many people who hate gay people and think they are evil.
Always reminds me of Jesus and the woman who was going to be stoned for adultery (having sex with a man who was not her husband). Jesus said anyone without sin could throw a stone. And of course, we have all sinned, so everyone went home. Many of the people who hate gays are also the ones who cheat on their wives and husbands and lie to get ahead in business.  People break God’s law every day but feel free to criticize everyone else’s behavior.
Reading the New Testament, I have never found Jesus saying anything about sexual orientation. To date, no one has been “cured” of being gay. The prayer programs do not work. 
 I believe we should love and support all people. So much misery and pain is caused by hating other people because they are different from us. We choose to hate someone, and we can choose to stop.
In the early 70s one of my close friends “came out”. I will always be grateful for the time he and his friends spent helping me understand and accept them. Perhaps someone close to you needs your support and love. Try to listen and not judge, remembering we all struggle with trying to be ourselves in a world that constantly tells us we should be what “they” want.
 If you wish to understand more about what it was like being gay when I was growing up you may watch the movie, Brokeback Mountain. I warn you – it is an accurate and brutal depiction of reality. In some places, this attitude still prevails.


  1. Jesus loves you, darling! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…

    • Thanks for the lovely comment. Jesus does love us all.

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