Uncle Will welcomes you


For me, home includes my garden. I love sitting outside, chatting with my husband and neighbors. We wave as people go past. The trees are always full of birds. On one side, our neighbor has feeders and lovely birdhouses, we, in the middle, have feeders and a bird bath, and on the other side, my friend has more feeders.    

Right outside my studio window, there is a japonica bush, older than I am, always full of birds. Sometime in the afternoon, they all start singing. I have no idea why. I just enjoy the sound of their happiness. I imagine they are thanking God for being alive. I love watching them play tag, flitting around the bush making it come alive even in the winter. 

the falcon comes to visit

While he is there watching the bird bath and feeder – all “our” little birds hide inside the prickly bushes where they are safe. They stay very quiet.  

waiting for someone to fly in for lunch

I am pleased to tell you – this falcon has never managed to catch any of “our” birds. He watches and waits – then finally flies off to find food elsewhere.  

After he leaves – “our” birds chatter and gossip for about half an hour about the falcon.  

“Did you see him Dad? He was like ten feet tall.”  

“And the wing span – I bet he could fly to the moon!”  

“Am I going to grow that big, Mama?”  

(Falcon photos are by my husband)



  1. awesome photo Kristi……………….xoxoxoxoxo

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