Excuse ME???

Well – I am sooo sad – all this talk and photos about the cats. I am the size of 8 large cats – I can be ubiquitous too!! I don’t even have ONE photo in this whole place!!   

Mumsie - don't you love me?


Of course I love you – I always tell you – you are the best puppy in the WHOLE world!! 

guarding my Mumsie while she gardens


and I can take up the whole bed too!! all by myself!! 

see how well I can fill up this bed - with a buddy too!!

and I am such a very good puppy – I share my bed with my buddy 

I am the sweetest dog ever

and I do not fight the cats for handouts – I am sooo polite!! 

waiting for more

some of these photos were taken with a disposable camera so the quality is really down!! Still waiting for that new digital camera!! The newest model is out soon.



  1. I need a Teddy Bear!!

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