Spring is my favorite season. I don’t like being cold and I don’t like snow. Spring is a time where everything is possible – nothing has been decided yet – the year is still new and waiting for me to race into it with new plans and projects.        

snowdrops herald the beginning of spring


Surviving the driving rains and winds of spring – dappled with splashes of soil.

 The snow crocuses are the first colors to open – sometimes huddling under the last snowfalls – to open again when their blanket is melted and the sun comes out.     

Over the cold winter, I dream of those first days of spring where I bravely take off my jacket and sit in a sheltered corner of my garden out of the wind.  

I plant spring bulbs in my flower garden – with the camomile.

Sheltered under the cheery tree.

While the snow crocuses are still blooming – the giant ones start coming out.

These are my favorites – the lovely delicate stripes of white and purple.

Emerging from the soil – each bud getting ready to bloom with color and divine scent. 

 Hyacinths are one of my favorites – the scent is overwhelming if you bring them inside – but the light fragrance on the breeze as I clean up the flower beds – reassures me winter is over.   And even if we get one last snow – the hyacinth will survive it easily.    

giant crocuses with pink hyacyinth - heavenly scent

 Narcissus – named for the god who fell in love with his own image. He pined away and the flowers grew where his body lay.  For a more full telling of the myth:       




Delicate beauties – I have several plantings of these wonderful “ladies”.        

scented angelique tulips

 Now we’ve enjoyed the bulbs I planted in the cold fall – I can start adding the bedding plants to my wonderful blooming garden!       

Here is my faithful assistant, Mrs. Munchie, checking out the new primroses for 2011.

 and on those rainy spring days, when I can’t go out in the garden – I bring the spring inside with some crafting. This cute mama and baby are made from a gardening glove. I cannot find the original pattern for this so I can’t credit the creator. Hopefully it will show up in one of my boxes of stuff!     

mama and baby bunny in the flowers


and a few spring flowers to paint  



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