As the days get longer and warmer, I plan my days in the garden to enjoy working in the shade, and sit back more often to enjoy my flowers.     

one last late blooming tulip to lead us to summer     

Tulip blooming through foliage


 One of the joys of gardening is to grow things I love       

and also flowers that make the people I love smile       

tiger lilies are my husband's favorite



I can show you the pictures and even provide music       

but I cannot give you the full sweetness of this flower without its scent      

heavenly scented sweet william


Whenever I see pansies they seem to be smiling at me      

and I remember the singing flowers in Alice in Wonderland (Disney)      

purple pansies smiling at the sun


This is one of my all time favorite flower photos   

I love making copies into congrats cards   

for engagements and weddings   

love in the garden


Dahlias come in all sorts of sizes and shapes   

from dwarfs to flowers the size of dinner plates   

medium sized pink dahlia


My husband also loves snapdragons.   

I love making the flowers snap shut over my fingers like little hats.   

butterfly snapdragon


Lilies are so varied and wonderful in large groups – brightning up any corner    

spikey dark red lily


sometimes there is time to “throw some paint” and capture a memory  

roses are wonderful and unique


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