Ubiquitous Cats

Ever notice how one cat can fill up a two story house? Seems to be a cat everywhere you go. Want to get to bed? You can count on the cat to be sleeping in the middle!    

enjoying the pillow I made just for her


it is important to have many places to take those necessary cat naps!    


fabric is from Kliban cats - perfect cat tent!


and napping with a buddy is even better     

I know there's another bed but we're happy to share this one


Rascal loves to be around wherever I am – so he can supervise everything I do!    

Rascal - just hanging out


“Mr. Helpful” loves to guard all the puzzle pieces – sometimes they get stuck in his fur when he leaves – but so far we have never lost one!    

Rascal guarding the puzzle in progress


I own every box that comes in the door!   

It's a box - it must be for me!!


the bigger the better!   

You ordered all these boxes just for me? How kind!


when we moved – Rascal made sure he was ready !   

My house is packed and ready to go!!


finding the best places to supervise from are important   

I still don't know how he gets up there!


of course having a cat means being the doorman constantly – going in – coming out – going out and now I have to come in again!   

Rascal detemined to dig his plants out of the snow


and what happens if I am not there to open the door? 

I thought you called the doorman!! What do we do now??



  1. I MISS MY CAT!!! 😦

  2. Lovely cats…!

    • Thanks 🙂 Happy to share them with you.

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