Welcome to my Garden


Horace and Lulubelle enjoying my garden

      Hello and welcome to my garden. I started this blog for my family and friends in the real world and my buddies on Wiglington and Wenks. Please leave me a comment so I know you found your way here.          

 if you want to be happy for an hour – get drunk           

if you want to be happy for a year – get married          

if you want to be happy for life – plant a garden          


sunflower in the sunshine  
 Gardens are places to sit and enjoy the sunshine alone – just listening to the birds and the cat purring in your lap.  Rascal loves to cuddle and purr


Rascal loves to cuddle and purr

 Gardens fill your soul with beauty and connect your hands to Mother Earth – helping you remember who you really are – and what it truly important in life.          

a peace rose

  Gardens are perfect for social gatherings – tea with a friend – outdoor cooking with the family – where the dog can sit with everyone and no one gets yelled at for spilling things.            Waiting for dinner!! 

   Gardens give us refuge from the human world of noise and pollution – or a home overflowing with guests. They provide a quiet place to read a favorite book.           

Rascal the supervisor watching me garden

   Hope you enjoy your time here as much as I did creating this garden for you.           

 All the words, photos, paintings and other creations are my work unless otherwise indicated. I have tried to remember to credit any sources I used.            

I made all the teddy bears  from original patterns by Linda Mead of Spare Bear Parts. She is now retired but she taught wonderful courses through the mail, complete with video instructions and I am forever grateful to her wonderful teaching.         

Uncle Will greets you at the stairs
Humphrey with Banjo the jockey heading for the garden



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