When my children were still at home – Tuesday was baking day. I started with getting the breads going, then made cookies and some pies. No matter how much I baked, it was all gone by the next Tuesday!

One year I took on a challenging job and didn’t bake. My children were allowed to choose whatever they wanted from the local bakery. It was a good bakery with many things I didn’t make – they made “hamburgers” with a white donut for the bun, a chocolate donut for the meat patty, and various colored icing for the condiments. As soon as my job ended, I went back to baking. My oldest son smiled happily and said, “thank goodness we have your cooking again!”

I love cooking and sharing it with family and friends. Somehow, Tuesday afternoons and evenings were the times many people dropped by to visit us!!

In case you are wondering how we could eat all this great food – my whole family are athletes. My children all trained and competed in several sports and one of us even competed at the world level – wasn’t me!!

Hope you enjoy the recipes – and even take some time to make a few!!



  1. making your chocolate chip tonight!

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