Well Stocked Freezer

Here is my list of good things to have in your freezer. When summer comes to an end, I like to start refilling my freezer with lots of comfort food to enjoy when the fall rains come. Lots of goodies ready for company. Just fill up a plate from the freezer and put on the kettle. While tea is being made, the goodies thaw and you are ready to sit back and enjoy time with friends and family.

 The longer your food stays in the freezer the more flavor it looses. Make sure to check guidelines for your freezer and what to do in a power outage. Once something starts to thaw – it needs to be eaten immediately. Remember the best advice – when in doubt – throw it out!! Food poisoning can kill you!!

Here is my favorite book on freezing. It is still available used through various sellers.

General rule for freezing is – the more processed an item is – the shorter time it will still taste good after being frozen. For example, iced carrot cake is wonderful for only about 2 months, while a whole uncooked turkey can be good for a year. Whole fish placed in a water filled container and frozen last the longest.

My plan is to have all these recipes available. This may take me a few years to complete. Most of these are my personal recipes, tested many times through years of growing children and grandchildren. If there is a recipe you really MUST have NOW – let me know and I will try to post it sooner!! Happy eating!!

* indicates recipes already posted

** photos have been added


lima bean with bacon

red lentil

green olive


split pea with ham




bacon and cheese

apple cheese


lime poppy-seed

cheery cherry

pina colada banana

Soup and muffins made an awesome winter lunch, or even dinner.



bacon and cheese





Pulla (sweet Finnish Cardamon bread)

sour cream cornmeal



macaroni and cheese


bami goreng

Side Dishes

potato casserole

garlic mashed


baked beans


*devilled chicken or pork

irish stew


hamburger casserole

beef stew

chicken paprika

nasi goreng

meat loaf/meat balls



wonder why there are so many of these?? lol


*chocolate chip

oatmeal raisin

*cinnamon spice




Nanaimo Bars – plain, cherry and mint

Angel Slices

Pecan slices or tarts


lemon curd


*apple carrot cake with cream cheese icing

*chocolate indulgence

cheesecake – plain and chocolate

butter cupcakes (for berry shortcakes)

cinnamon buns

butter tarts

If you had your freezer stocked with all this – you should be set for the winter even with lots of company dropping in for tea!!  

A great idea is to cook once or twice a week, making a large enough batch to feed your family 5 or 6 times. Do this a few times to get things going – and then you should be able to just cook on weekends. If you can make this a family project, the work will go much faster and you will have lots of meals ready for family members on different schedules, or different diets.

Cooking with your loved ones can be a wonderful time. Food is a basic need we all have. Making something good shows someone how much we love them. The first meal I ever made for my husband was for his birthday – a stuffed chicken with gravy and a pumpkin pie. “That was it! I never looked at another woman!” (Just shared this story with my husband and this is the quote he wanted me to post. Of course, it was a special moment to remember together – with a good hug!!)

Our family tradition is – you choose what you want for the family dinner. My husband’s choice has not changed much, although this year he wanted a lemon cream pie – same as my Dad and my youngest son. One year my daughter had cheese fondue with chocolate fondue for dessert. I like steak and mushrooms with all the trimmings – caesar salad and fully loaded baked potato. These days my husband and I usually go out for my birthday. We pick up a black forest cake or ice cream cake (chocolate) for dessert.

Cooking should be a family time – at least some days. I remember my children were busy with a project one day so I said I would make dinner by myself. My oldest son looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you know how?”

One of my younger grandsons spent one day a week with us when he lived nearby. Making dinner together gave us all wonderful memories to treasure. We laughed and joked while everyone worked together. And even washing the dishes was fun!! I miss him so much.


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