Here is my buddy Darkpanther’s orignal recipe (with a little editing from me) Darkpanther and I are buddies from our days on WW and we still keep in touch through Twitter! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea!!)

To make this you will need :

great value sugar sprinkles – any color at all –
Ritz crackers
Jiff Peanut butter – crunchy or soft doesn’t matter –
Almond Bark found in baking isle-giant white candy bar….

follow directions for melting bark

dip your already made crackers into dip

make sure crackers are covered front and back…

put on paper plates

put on sprinkles and let sit to harden

after they are done spread peanut butter in the middle


once u
like them u can change the sprinkles and peanut butter around

Gramps and I had a great time with these although we did not have sugar sprinkles and I forgot to take photos!! I will add some in the future!!

And one great idea always leads to more great ideas –

Dip graham crackers in melted chocolate and spread with marshmallow cream for an instant s’mores.

Another idea – once you dip your cracker, dip in into a plate of crushed nuts, coconut or chocolate bits for a different taste.

These cookies could be a great activity for a birthday party or family get together. Like when some of my grandchildren come to visit. Set up an assortment of crackers and things to dip them in, and some great fillings and let everyone make their own!


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