This reminds me of some fun stories –

 My daughter was about 16 when she came to me and said, “My education is defective!” Well, I was all ready to go to her school and get this all sorted out. She put her hand on my arm and said, very seriously, “I only know how to make desserts!”

My daughter makes the best brownies in the world, but she can also make the main course too!! Both my sons are the cooks in their families and have developed a lot of great recipes on their own!!

My oldest son made dinner for the first time when he was 9. My daughter and I were putting plants in the garden and didn’t want to stop but my son was very hungry. He kept checking with me through the kitchen window while he made an easy, but very good dinner!!

One day my kids were having a lot of fun so I said I would make dinner without their help. My oldest son looked at me and asked, “Are you sure you know how?”


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