Easy Vegetables

here are some easy ways to make great veggies –

I LOVE fresh peas and I found I can enjoy them anytime by taking frozen peas and running them under hot tap water for a few minutes. Tastes like summer.

This does NOT work with other frozen veggies!!

Easy Veggies

this method works for any frozen vegetable I have tried or fresh peas, beans or carrots.

take a non stick frying pan

for every cup of vegetables add

 1/2 teaspoon butter (optional)

salt to taste ( do not use any)

the amount of water you need will depend how long you need to cook the veggies (if you start running out of water – just add more)

place over high heat and boil off all the water

you might like to saute them for a moment as well but do NOT brown them

here are a few guidelines – you will have to decide when the veggies are done the way YOU like them

for frozen peas, carrots, beans or corn – about 5 minutes

frozen lima beans – 15 minutes

fresh beans or carrots – 15 minutes

Tip – I use bottled water for this –  any contaminants will stay IN the veggies as you boil off the water


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