Mrs. Chucklebeary
Mrs. Rosie Chucklebeary

   I made this mangatar at This is a free site and I really loved the results. This is for the people who really need a “face” to look at!!      

Because this blog is open to the world I am using an alias – although it’s one my family and friends will easily recognize. And there aren’t many “real” photos of me here either. This space is about who I am – and not about what I look like on the outside.    

This photo sums me up pretty well. I KNOW I can fly. I love to try new things (although I always follow the safety rules). This is an old photo – my first time parasailing!  

I did not get a childhood so I plan to keep having one for the rest of my life. My inner child is very alive and well – and finally happy for the first time ever!!

If you are ever on-line enjoying time with me on a VW – here is the “kid” inside me. (Photo is me age 12)

I am retired now, which is a wonderful thing to be able to say. Sorting through boxes of accumulated “stuff” I will be adding pages as I find things I think are worth sharing.      

I raised three children and I have eight grandchildren now. Four boys. Four girls. Three of them are “honorary” grandchildren. Years ago, we all lived in an old mansion divided into a four-plex. We adopted each other and have remained “family” ever since.      

Being a Granny is wonderful. At one time, three of my grandchildren lived close enough to walk over whenever they wanted.  At the moment, none of them live close enough to even drop by for tea.      

I love to cook and I like eating my own cooking – way too much!! So I will be posting some of my favorite recipes.      

I love reading and movies so you’ll see some of my comments about my favorites and unfavorites.      

I paint in watercolors although not for a while – perhaps I will be inspired again.      

I am looking forward to my husband retiring soon so he can enjoy a long happy time enjoying all those things we don’t have time for while we must work everyday.      

I love animals so you’ll see some of my “buddies” in the garden too. In real life, I garden with an entourage of animals – we call them my supervisors.   

Everyone is welcome to enjoy my Blog. I created it for my family and friends – especially my grandchildren – both the real ones and my wonderful virtual grandchildren (most of them from the VWs MiniMonos and Webosaurs) 

So make a pot of tea, take a few deep breaths and enjoy my world for a few minutes.



  1. Wow glad to see that you have progressed to
    a professional by creating this blog. I asked
    my grand daughter what is a blog?? So I
    guess I know that now.
    Good for you doing this. Lovely day of sun
    yesterday – took my grand daughter to the’driving range then walk then ice cream.

  2. Aww, amazing!! Thanks for joining the team!

    Great Garden!

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