these are my favorite characters of all time

they were created by a woman, Tove Jansson,  from Finland who also drew all the pictures

my favorite character is Little My – always able to find the fun in any situation!!

when I lived in residence at University, we were allowed to paint our dorm doors – we had a wonderful scene of Moomintroll and Little My having fun!!

this is Little My sliding down an icy slope – later she finds a silver tray and uses that!!

and here is Moomintroll – all excited because the sun is coming up

these are two of the pictures we copied for our dorm dooors!!


here is the Moomin family and some friends!! I hope you enjoy the whole series!! They were written when I was little and are still in print. You can find many Moomin fan sites as well as merchandise stores on the Internet.

and the front cover of the first DVD set which will, hopefully, eventually include the entire television series

Tove Jansson also wrote several picture books for younger fans!!

Little My may be last in the list but she will always be FIRST in my heart!!

this is a wonderful story about being shy and afraid


 the comic strip about Moomins is also being released

and here is a story about the island where Tove Jansson spend much of her life – off the coast of Finland. Although not written for children, it is a wonderful story that shows where many of her ideas came from.



  1. Hello,
    I’m currently doing research for my undergraduate dissertation and would really appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes filling in a short questionnaire about the MOOMINS 🙂 It is completely anonymous and you can do it online at
    Thanks for your time,
    Jenni Sjölund

    • Delighted to help you with your research and completed your survey. Just wondering what the focus of your dissertation is? Moomins have certainly influenced me and my family to have more FUN and not take some things too seriously. Best wishes on your dissertation.

  2. Thank you so much! I am writing about film tourism and whether films influence their viewers’ decision to travel to destinations. I am doing a case study on the Moomins & Moominworld, hence the questionnaire.

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