Gypsy the elephant

My granddaughter chose this elephant from PAWS. With our adoption we got a whole package of information, as well as photos and a certificate of adoption.

I love their work. They care for the animals AFTER they are rescued to give them the best life possible:

Although captive enclosures can never substitute for wild habitat, all sanctuary enclosures are designed to provide grass, trees and an enriched environment for individual animals with consideration for any health or psychological complications, which might preclude their ability to engage in normal activities. Enclosures for healthy animals are designed to replicate, as closely as possible, wild habitats for that species; specially designed areas are constructed for older, arthritic or injured individuals.

PAWS has maintained its animal sanctuaries without problems or incidents and has earned an excellent reputation and the greatest respect from neighbors and the local communities. PAWS ARK 2000 is currently home to eleven African and Asian elephants. The elephant habitat at ARK 2000 provides the elephants with acres of varied natural terrain to roam, lakes to bathe in, and state-of-the-art elephant barns equipped with heated stalls and therapeutic jacuzzis.

My family’s love of elephants goes back to my grandmother who collected small elephant statues while traveling around the world. My daughter loves elephants and still dreams of working at an elephant sanctuary someday. My granddaughter also loves these wonderful animals.


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