Nodales killer whale

Sadly, Nodales and her baby went missing and have now been declared dead. We will never know what happened to them. So for Christmas 2012 we will have to choose a different whale to “adopt”. I encourage you to consider “adopting” a whale and supporting the research that will hopefully find a way to make sure the killer whales survive and share this amazing planet with us into a better future where we respect the rights of ALL beings!

We first “adopted” Nodales many years ago. One of my sons still has his favorite plush – Sharky. Nodales is the first daughter of Sharky so we decided she would be “our” whale. 


Northern Resident Killer Whales


A25 Matriline (3 whales in 2010)

This is the information to identify our whale. The researchers from the Vancouver Aquarium keep track of all the whales on the West Coast.  You can read more about their wonderful program here:

How will my adoption help wild killer whales? 

Learning everything we can about killer whales is the best way to protect them.

Nodales (A51) was born in 1986 and has one baby, Cordero (A85) 

Surge (A61) – teenage male born in 1994.  Surge and his sister Nodales were orphaned in 1997 when their mother, Sharky (A25) died.

Cordero (A85) – is too young to know whether it is a boy or a girl!

Social Organization

Whales make their home wherever they happen to be in their aquatic enviornment, unlike most terrestrial mammals which have dens or nests and preferred feeding areas. For killer whales, home is family. Pods are MATRIARCHAL, meaning that sons and daughters stay with their mother throughout their lives, even after they have offspring of their own. The bonds between siblings usually remain strong even after the mother has died. A matriarch and all of her descendents are referred to as a MATRILINE. A POD is a larger unit that is made up of one or more matrilines that travel together at least half the time and that probably stem from a deceased matriarch. A CLAN is a group of pods that share similar calls or dialects.

This poster is on my bathroom door.


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