Robert the Bobcat

Somewhere between my home and the PAWS office, the Post Office managed to lose my adoption package for Robert the Bobcat. The lovely people at PAWS were very helpful and sent me another copy of everything.

It’s easy to see why a bobcat can mate with a domestic cat. The kittens are sterile and can never have kittens of their own. When my children were young, we had a half-breed bobcat who used to come and visit our yard. We left food out for him, especially in the winter.

Not a very exciting story – no dramatic rescue – but it is very important to rescue animals when they need help. Quietly doing what needs to be done is as necessary as doing the exciting things that make news headlines.

We called our visiting half-breed, Buddy. He loved to sleep under our huge cedar tree and listen to my music. He adored Mozart and would lie there with his eyes half closed listening. When the music ended, he would stretch and wander off.


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