Virtual Truth

Having given the matter some considerable thought, I decided to say a few things:

I do NOT believe in telling the whole truth on the Internet anymore than I would walk up to a stranger and tell him my full name and address. Please think about what you tell people on-line. You have no idea who they are or what they want from you.

However, let us not hide from everyone, too terrified to say anything at all!!

Obviously do NOT use your real name, and definitely NEVER your real middle name. And NOT your real birthdate. With your full name and birth date, someone is well on the way to stealing your identity.

Latest scam is asking for part of your social security number – DO NOT give this!! It is illegal to ask for it!!

Most people would love to have another birthday every year. So pick a date you like and have a virtual birthday as well as a real one!!

Perhaps you hate your name in real life. This is your chance to pick a name you love!!

Hello – my name is Geseldia Freesia!!

I think is it important not to lie about important things. You will have to decide what is important. Using a simple example – if you are on a non-dating VW, it does not really matter if you are a boy or a girl. However, you might really hurt someone’s feelings by lying on a dating VW.

For those of you who would prefer to enjoy life and not deal with the tough things, please just click on another page and do not continue here. I am going to tell a few things that might upset you.

First of all, let me reassure everyone that I AM a real grandmother with eight very real grandkids that I do not see often enough!! All the photos on this blog are mine and the posts are true and written by me (except where indicated otherwise).

When I started this blog, I added photos of my beloved Rascal. Sadly, he only lived to be nine and died of cancer many years ago. His memory lives with me always.  He loved to be in the garden with me.

This is Mr. Alex, who also died of cancer. He was living on the street and rescued by the SPCA. We have no idea how old he was when he died October 2009. He was my husband’s buddy, and often lay in my husband’s arm while he worked with the other arm! He protected Mrs. Munchie and loved her very much. She still cries at night and is very lonely without him.

This is Bella and Alex together sharing a last nap. Alex died a few hours after this photo.

We want to get moved before we get any new pets. We plan to get 2 kittens who will grow up knowing Bella will always love and protect them.

So we only have two furry buddies now –

Mrs. Munchkin who is now about nine years old and very healthy.

and Bella who was twelve in January 2011

They are good buddies – always ready for a treat!!


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