My VW Art

Here I am with lots of characters from Wiglington and Wenks!! 




I decided to draw myself as a Wiglington and Wenks pirate!!    

Artists often use themselves as a model because sometimes no one else is around. In this case, I used an old photo as the basis for my pirate.

Here is my first sketch    

done on plain white paper with a 2B pencil (and lots of erasing)

So now I have the general idea of what I want. I copied the sketch using a pen and graphite paper. Now I have the outline and I can copy it as many times as I want to try out different shading and colors.    

plain white paper using a 05 sepia pigma ink pen

Now we have lots of FUN!!  First I decided I didn’t like the sepia so redid outline in black and worked a little on her face  and hair – all this was done with my .05 black pima pen and 2B pencil   

now she is starting to look like someone!!

and now I turn up the music and grab my colors – in this case my prismacolor pencils (these are artist quality and blend well – use a white or other lite color for blending) and my zig markers. I didn’t like the green/blue shirt color at first but have decided I do like it – so now we have a  dangerous looking lady pirate!!   

we don't want to annoy this lady with the big sword!!

For this pic I did lots of extra planning and scanned them in so you could see the process – sometimes I go straight from sketch to my watercolor paper and just throw on colors without really thinking. But I slowed down to show you what I was doing and did some extra steps.   

And of course – feel free to print a copy of the sketch and play with the colors!!



  1. Your drawings are amazing!!

  2. she is beautiful

  3. Omg That is so AMAZING!! You drew that! Man thats cool!

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