Rosie on-line

So what’s an old Granny doing on virtual worlds for kids anyway?

It all started back in 2006 when two of my granddaughters were visiting and asked me to join Neopets with them.

For a while, we lived so close to each other they could walk over whenever they wanted. But when they moved away, we wanted somewhere we could “meet” and have fun together.

Everyone wants someone in their lives who takes the time to listen to them, and understand what they are talking about. Being a Grandmother, and retired (not counting my full time writing and illustrating career lol) gives me the time to listen to my grandkids and share a small part of their day.

For my birthday in 2007, one of my sons gave me my first Webkinz. I remember my husband wondering why it had a url on its tag!!

Over the years, I have been on many virtual worlds as my grandchildren grew and changed. I love being able to play games with them on-line as none of them live close enough to visit easily.

My children and their spouses are busy active people who love their children and want the best for them. They appreciate me checking out the Virtual Worlds my grandchildren play for safety and content.

When I recommend a Virtual World, it is because I have personal experience with the users and the site (and often the staff as well). Some of my younger grandchildren are now old enough to join in the fun and it is wonderful to discuss with them where they want to play.

Over the years I have visited and joined many different virtual worlds, and even worked as a Staff Mod on one of them.

With my writing career, I now limit myself to Tinkatolli and Minimonos most of the time. Sometimes one of my granddaughters will call and ask me to join her on Neopets (she walked off with my most of my Neopets plush collection on her last visits), and some of the younger ones are still on Webkinz so I keep my account active there too.

If you spend any time with me on Twitter, you will probably be aware I was abused as a child and missed most of the fun. So I am having lots of fun now!

I am certainly not the only grandparent playing on virtual worlds. Webkinz, for example, actively encourages grandparents to come and join in.

It makes good business sense to have grandparents welcome on the sites, as we will see the wonderful benefits of memberships and other goodies we can purchase for birthday and other special occasions as presents for our wonderful grandchildren.

When I am on-line, I am always very clear I am an old grandma. Because of my writing career, I need to promote my books and be somewhat public with my life. I still try to set a good example of how to be safe on-line. I believe having grandparents on-line is like the old days when old grannies sat on their front porches watching the neighborhood. The kids are safer.

(I do not disclose who my grandchildren are as they want to have their own identity, not be known as Grannie Rosie’s grandchild)

I really appreciate the wonderful staff at Tinkatolli and Minimonos. They listen carefully to their users and are actively involved with their sites. I actively promote both these worlds with posts on my Blogs and giveaways of memberships and other on-line goodies – and, of course, my presence on the sites!

So, I hope this answers the question why I am having lots of fun on-line, and I hope it encourages anyone of any age to come and join us!!



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