I wrote these stories but what I have posted are just excerpts – so if something doesn’t make sense it is probably because it was part of the longer story.

I plan to publish my first book for all ages on Amazon soon. You can follow the process on


Are your stories true?

YES and NO – they are emotionally true. I felt all the things I describe but I changed the facts.

My Darling Beau

Don’t you want to be young again?

NO I do not. I remember only too well what it was like – it was one of the worst times of my life.

Ripped from my Heart

This is an introduction to the full story that Winter Sun and My Darling Beau are taken from.

Winter Sun

You really seem to understand about someone you love dying.

YES I do. It is so very hard to get up and start living again. I think it is the hardest thing we ever have to do.

Was there a real “Beau”?

Yes there was. He was kind, gentle and truly wonderful, and he died in a tragic senseless accident that was no one’s fault.

My Brother’s Perfect Wedding

Don’t you write happy stories too?

YES, of course I do. Hope this one makes you laugh!!

How true is this one?

Almost everything in this story is just a record of what really happened – almost 20 years ago.

Please remember my mother in the story is my biological mother. When I talk about my MOM I am referring to my husband’s Mom. She has been my Mom for many years – and she is wonderful!! She even thinks I am wonderful too!!

Is your brother still married?

YES, he is still married to the same woman. They have two children – almost grown up now.


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